Executive Producer: Specyal T
Label: Independent
Recorded At: Avenue Kode Studios
Production Provided By: Mixtape Seoul, ZBeatz & Daniel Cruz
Mixed & Mastered By: Simon Bader

  1. Double Take
  2. Lowkey
  3. All Day
  4. Last Kiss
  5. Date Nite
  6. All I Wanna Do
  7. One Thing
  8. Nite Vision
  9. Back In The Day
  10. Baecay
  11. Peace Of Mind
Track Synopsis

Double Take
A new season of fresh connections and opportunities after another long pandemic winter.

The immediate connection you sometimes feel when meeting someone for the first time.

All Day
Getting that rare opportunity of both you and that special someone in your life having a full day off with no plans.

Last Kiss
Craving that one last bit of intimacy from a love interest before they finally leave.

Date Nite
A couple dedicating the evening to themselves by spending a nite out on the town.

All I Wanna Do
A couple, who were prematurely separated on earth, is reunited in the afterlife in a tropical paradise after many years apart.

One Thing
Developing a strong connection with an alluring stranger all through a divider screen.

Nite Vision
Having an unexpected rendezvous with a complete stranger in the dark while traveling on a red eye overnight.

Back In The Day
Reminiscing about how different things use to be back in the day.

Spending a romantic vacation with your significant other on a private island.

Peace Of Mind
Having that supportive partner and knowing they’ll always have your back no matter what life throws at you.