Executive Producer: Specyal T
Label: Independent
Recorded At: Avenue Kode Studios
Production Provided By: Daniel Cruz
Mixed & Mastered By: Felix Khan

  1. Ripped Jeans
  2. Sunday Siesta
  3. O Therapy
  4. Just Desserts
  5. Lip Service
Track Synopsis

Ripped Jeans
On the way to band rehearsal, T spots an attractive man getting out of an Uber. A conversation ensues and later on that nite they become better acquainted!

Sunday Siesta
After a long work week, T and her lover decide to relax all weekend and enjoy each other's company.

O Therapy
Feeling a bit stressed out and tense, T's lover uses an alternative form of therapy to help ease her pressures.

Just Desserts
On the way to Dubai for a work engagement with her lover, T gets distracted and than seduced by an attractive flight attendant.

Lip Service
T's lips with her signature beauty mark are quite popular with her fans, and she isn't shy to use them to her advantage wink!