Executive Producer: Specyal T
Label: Independent
Recorded At: Avenue Kode Studios
Production Provided By: Mixtape Seoul
Mixed & Mastered By: Jonathan Paris

  1. Midnight Shade
  2. Holiday Linen
  3. Coffee Clicked
  4. Virtual Bae
  5. Pink Lemonade
Track Synopsis

Midnight Shade
Out with some guy friends at a club, the ladies seem more interested in the female persuasion.

Holiday Linen
Two co-workers at a hotel resort fall in love and have a surprise secret affair.

Coffee Clicked
Two cousins meet for the first time by happenstance at their local coffee shop after their coffee orders get mixed up.

Virtual Bae
During a time of quarantine, a deep relationship develops online over months.

Pink Lemonade
After kissing a new love interest for the first time, sexy-sweet memories of an ex come flooding back.