Executive Producer: Specyal T
Label: Independent
Recorded At: Massive Sound Studios
Production Provided By: Foley
Mixed & Mastered By: Simon Bader

  1. Side Effects YouTube
  2. Superwoman Tendencies
  3. 2 AM
  4. Forever And A Day
  5. Scar Tissue
Track Synopsis

Side Effects
Discussing from a first hand account, the daily struggle of what a pregnant mom goes through when suffering from the debilitating effects of the potentially life threatening disease known as Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG).

Superwoman Tendencies
Celebrating all the strong, brave and courageous women out there who currently have or have been through HG.

2 AM
Chronicling the morning my water broke. Tionne arrived the following evening.

Forever And A Day
Chronicling the day Tionne passed away, the second and final time I held her in my arms.

Scar Tissue
Life after Tionne's passing, dealing with other's emotions and opinions, and the shocking disrespect of my family's very personal situation by those who were once close to us!