The artist known as Specyal T is an exceptionally talented, multi-instrumentalist, composer, songwriter, producer, vocalist, actor, writer & poet; who's on a mission to expand the urban market with her unique brand of sound. A pianist from as early as two years of age, with training that began 25 years ago from six to nineteen through the Royal Conservatory Of Music, this Toronto native has developed a number of impressive skills. Having music in her DNA is an understatement when it comes to this recording artist.

Partnering with Universal Music and Soul Kiss Entertainment brought Specyal T her first taste of what was to come. With the release of her "Ice Cream Cone" single & video featuring iconic Canadian rapper Michie Mee, and the rotation & charting of her second single "Sweat It Up!" and EP which also garnered attention from various music directors including CHUM FM, her Dose Of Distinction LP followed shortly thereafter debuting at #11 on the UK / R&B album charts - an achievement that stands as a testament to Specyal T's incredible talent and work ethic. Having performed a staggering 250+ shows in her career, Specyal T is not an artist to sit back and wait for success to come to her.

With her naturally distinctive voice she is often compared to a young Lauryn Hill with a unique individual style as like hip hop superstar Missy Elliot!

Her follow up LP "Dose Of Distinction 2", released in 2014 via Blackstream Records, didn't disappoint with continued strong support from the UK and overseas in Europe. This album showed considerable growth from her debut effort. "Dose Of Distinction 2 comes from a really personal place. I've managed to take my artistry to a level I hadn't dreamed of going in the past. Neufutur Magazine stated: "The 12 tracks on the title showcase a wide array of different styles, genres, and overall approaches taken by this stellar performer." With the large volume of albums they had listened to throughout the year, they felt her track End Of An Error was ..."one of the most dense and fulfilling compositions that we have heard this year." No doubt further solidifying Specyal T's musical brilliance!

The evolution of Specyal T will continue through 2015 with the release of her new EP "C.A.K.E." New music, same vision and focus!

Come experience her Vibe!