Almost Lover Review

"Refreshing! Cool old school vibes manifest in this awesome track. Great beat, wicked flow."
-Alex Csethe, iTunes

Dose Of Distinction 2 Reviews

"Dose of Distinction 2 shows considerable progression from Specyal T's debut release. The 12 tracks on the title showcase a wide array of different styles, genres, and overall approaches taken by this stellar performer."
- James Mcquiston, Neufutur Magazine

"Well Worth The Wait! Amazing album. Loving "Paper Cuts". So worth the wait!
-Alex Csethe, iTunes

"Deep Impact Heartfelt lyrics really hit home. Great flow here for sure I'm digging DOD2.
-Toronto Indie Guy, iTunes

"Dose Of Distinction" - "This woman has a deep voice when she raps, her influences are her husband and her dad. All of these songs where recorded in her own home studio. Listen to Lauryn Hill."
Katimavik - KCR Music CJLY 93.5 FM
Nelson BC, Canada

"Sweat It Up!" (Urban Fusion Remix) - "Great track I will be adding this to one of my many different playlists."
Matt Fossey - Wired 96.3
Saskatoon SK, Canada

"Push Play" - "Very trippy beat but very catchy. Also think one would have to appreciate music in its essence to really appreciate this song"
Al Rolle - 2nd Floor Lounge
Peterborough ON, Canada

"Paralyzed" - "Excellent Hip-hop Pop that has an awesome beat. Looking forward to some upcoming remixes..."
Tim Patterson BPM Productions
Woodbridge ON, Canada

"Salt & Pepper" - "You’ve got that really old school, Etta James, thing going on. Not too many currently that can rock that."
Arun Moorthy - Slept Productions
Mississauga ON, Canada

"Caught Ya Lookin" - "Great vocals and beats here. Should do well!"
Kenn Burrola - Liquid Rhythms Mixshow, KRCL 90.9 FM
West Jordan, United States

"Sweat It Up!" (Urban Fusion Remix) - "This girl has talent!"
Wayne Murray - Avid Productions / River City Pub
Revelstoke BC, Canada

"Caught Ya Lookin" - "UN bUON LAVORO E UN BUON PRODOTTO" (A good job and a good product)
Enzo Persueder - Freesound, Radio Domani
Modena, Italy

"Lie To Me" ft. Specyal T - "Nice soulful track"
Anthony Gelo - SideTracks / Bar None
Ozone Park, United States