Go Tell Them EP

Catherine Marie's debut EP has arrived! Includes her debut single "Lie To Me" which has gained radio play across North America.

Production: Massive Sound Studios & SPECYAL T PRODUCTIONS
Mixing & Mastering provided by Simon Bader of Massive Sound Studios

  1. Go Tell Them (Groove To This) Feat. Specyal T
  2. Just A Little
  3. Classified Feat. Ashton Williams
  4. When The Lightning Strikes
  5. Gonna Be
  6. Lie To Me Feat. Specyal T
  7. Just A Little (Piano Version)

That Was Clever!

SPECYAL T PRODUCTIONS' first studio album of their signature Custom-Made Birthday Songs! New and improved! More than just happy birthday!

  1. Opinion P (Alexis' Song) 2:41
  2. Military Wife (Katherine's Song) 3:15
  3. Ms. Socialite (Britt's Song) 3:02
  4. Busy Lil One (Savannah's Song) 2:44
  5. #1 Sis (Nikki's Song) 3:48
  6. The Sutton Show (Shannon's Song)2:50
  7. Positively So! (Jackie's Song) 3:02
  8. KG (Kristie's Song) 3:10
  9. Lovable Logan (Logan's Song) 3:04
  10. Who Will She Be? 3:00

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She Said! EP - Specyal T

Specyal T's latest EP is theme based consisting of six different inspired stories from a female perspective.


1. You Again 3:07
Caught up in a verbally abusive relationship, this woman finally is able to free herself from it all. After a long time has passed, she accidentally runs into her ex and wonders if she'll revert back to her old self now in his presence.

2. What Can I Say?! 3:55
After 20 years of being happily married, this woman learns she is dying of cancer and has to be her husband's strength in her final weeks.

3. Satan's Secretary 2:51
Fresh out of University, this young naive woman takes her first job as a secretary to a married high powered business man. He quickly seduces her. Embarrassed and humiliated she writes a letter to his wife explaining their torrid affair.

4. Cold Feet 2:50
One very adventurous woman begins a relationship with a man who she quickly finds out is her complete opposite. Annoyed she leaves him, then 2 years later coincidentally runs into him with his new woman at an ironic location.

5. I Remember2:28
As she prepares to say goodbye to her best friend, this woman wonders if she has the strength to actually make it through the ceremony.

6. Step To Me ft. Catherine Marie (original version)3:20
A female nemesis of a female recording artist who is her self proclaimed #1 hater is finally put in her place verbally!