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We understand the need for unique talent to shine but sometimes uniqueness can get overshadowed. So the S-T-P family is now representing some of these young talents in hopes that their voices will be heard by the masses!

If you are a brand new artist just starting out that would like the chance to be developed and possibly even have your music distributed nationally contact us today to schedule your audition and receive more specific info about this opportunity:

Past Artists

G.W.A.N. (Specyal T & Ms. Nikki)
Gwan Wid It Single (2007)
Wet Me Single (2007)

Catherine Marie
Lie To Me Single (2010)
Go Tell Them [Groove To This] Single (2012)
Go Tell Them EP (2012)

Current Artists

Slight Detour EP (2021)
Midnight Shade Single (2021)
A Specyal Remedy LP (2020)
Box Food Single (2020)
Bedroom Bully Single (2019)
Girl Friday EP (2019)
Sunday Siesta Single (2019)
Lady Shame Single (2018)
Tionne EP (2017)
Side Effects Single (2017)
C.A.K.E. EP (2015)
Just A Thot Single (2015)
Dose Of Distinction 2 LP - Blackstream Records (2014)
Almost Lover Single - Blackstream Records (2014)
Dose Of Distinction LP [Digital Release] - Interscope Digital (2012)
Airtight (Remix) Single - Interscope Digital (2012)
She Said! Mixtape EP (2011)
Dose Of Distinction LP - Universal (2010)
Sweat It Up! EP - Universal (2009)
Sweat It Up! Single - Universal (2009)
Ice Cream Cone Single - Universal (2009)
Ontario In Your Stereo Mixtape EP (2008)