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OMG, I am so truly touched by this song ...
I was in tears while I was listening and so full of appreciation, especially hearing Jazzy's voice at the end. Thank you, Thank you! What a thoughtful gift. I will cherish it always!
SPECYAL T PRODUCTIONS is a very professional company to work with.
The process was really simple. I just had to give them the date I needed it for, who it was about and some things about the event/person. The custom song was delivered not only on time, but early for the arrival of my nephew. I really loved the song. Now that he's 3 he really likes the song too (He even dnces to it sometimes). The pricing was great and they kept in-touch through the whole process. As a grouping of artists, SPECYAL T PRODUCTIONS really exemplifies the indie market in this country for unsurpassed quality and skill. I wish them the best in the future, and I'll be needing a few more songs since I have another new nephew and some other events that need to have their stamp on it!
Specyal T has a creative, open and musical mind.
I definitely see something in her that is really hard to come by in today's industry. I really get a sense of how creatively deep she can be. Specyal T and Catherine Marie have the drive, ambition, and talent to actually make their vision successful. The current and future music industry needs more artists like them; visionaries with a purpose!
Specyal T was able to work her magic!
She produced music that touched a diverse group of cultures and generations at our wedding. She was very creative in her approach and generous with her talent. We would reccomend her for any occasion.
We had the privilege of working with Specyal T on her 'Dose of Distinction' album.!
There was an immediate click in personality and this showed in the quality of work we were able to complete in such a short period of time. We thoroughly enjoyed her knowledge and dedication to the art of music; She truly is a professional at what she does. We look forward to continued work in the future.
SPECYAL T PRODUCTIONS has a unique new sound and vibe.
I think the artists are great and original. The time they put into the personalized songs really make them special."
Trish is very professional in all aspects of this business.
When on the stage, and in the industry she is known as Specyal T; and her talent is profound! She is amazing and a delight to watch and work with. Don't forget to hire her for your future shows, and buy her music it will move you!
The biggest thing that hit me when I first heard Specyal T was her unique vocal style and catchy appealing lyrics
Which gives her an originality thats hard to find in a lot of artists. When I sent her a beat and she told me what concept she was going to run with, I remember only a few days later she already had a rough cut of it recorded and it sounded great. The combination of her ability to make a song her own, combined with the work ethic she has, made it one of the best collaborative experiences I've ever had and I look forward to making more music with her in the future