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Female run and operated, works with various artists from established to up and coming, helping them put together and release albums, audition prep, to facilitating their live shows and overall musical direction.

She can assist you with all aspects of your career to help maximize the longevity of your artist brand, at affordable rates that work within your budget. Let us take care of the back end while you focus on your craft.

Educated and certified industry pro with over 25 years in the business as a musician (soloist, accompanist, studio, in bands: stage & touring etc), vocalist, songwriter composer and executive producer.

Credits include: Universal Music, YTV, Much Music

She’s the industry pro in the K.N.O.W! [Knowledge, Notability, Originality, Wow factor!]

Let’s discuss your next project!


Lessons Area
Rate: $40/hr

Musicianship Training
Piano & Theory Lessons - Modern & Classical Syles (Top 40, RCM)

Studio Area
Rate: $25/hr (min 2 hours)

Recordings for: Single, Demo & Album Projects
Audition Tapes
School Projects

Performance Area
Rate: $20/hr

Audition & Live Performance Prep,
General Rehearsal to Advance Your Craft


Specyal T
Phone 647-273-2327

Special Event Services

Your Specyal Source For Special Events!

Specyal Services & Referrals

•Live Music
•Custom Gifts

Wedding Ceremonies + Events 👰🏽
Baby Showers & Sip n Sees 👶🏾
Holiday Parties 🎉
Housewarmings 🏡
Any Special Occasion 💝

Custom-Made Themed Songs

Our signature service! Whether it is a birthday or the birth of a new baby, we can write a song for it! Any theme you can come up with. For all ages!

What we do...
2-3 Min. (Approx) Song
Fun facts said about the chosen girl/guy in iong
A personalized dedication given at end of song

What we need from you...
Name, Age, Birth date of chosen girl/guy
15-20 facts about the chosen girl/guy

What you get...
The song in mp3 format sent to your email
A copy of the lyrics
A live performance of the song (In Select Cities)

We also do MULTIPLES!

Our Brand Themes

1. ABC's / 123's
all things baby...even the not-so-cute stuff

2. "Guilty Pleasures"
you'd never admit this...but you will today!

3. "I've Always Wanted To Try!"
run a marathon, ride in a hot air balloon etc.

4. "Ugh! That's Annoying!"
Pet Peeves

5. "I Told You So!"
any situation where you were right, and they were obviously wrong

6. "Boo! What's The Matter?"

7. "Through A Child's Eyes"
everything about kids...if you couldn't say it before you can now!

8. "From Rodents To Robots"
animals & pets from warm & fuzzy and everything in between

The guidelines for these songs would be the same as our regular themed ones. Except with these the facts along with being very exact, need to be more in story form so we can create your custom song out of it! When you go to order one choose "other" under "pick a theme" and specify which one you'd like created in your email to us.

Click here for examples

Choose Song Type

Pick A Theme

Pick A Genre

TV & Film Instrumentals

Our vibe and type of sound are turly unique! So if you are searching for the music of tomorrow today, you've come to the right place!

Piano Lessons From Scratch!

We specialize in beginner piano & rudimentary theory. If you're looking for RCM prep or just to learn for the fun of it, we're here for you!


“Lesson” Classical, Baroque
“No Longer Slaves” Contemporary Worship
“Harold Tweed” Jazz (Original Composition)


Whether it is love songs to beef tracks, amature to commercial. Rappers and singers we'd be glad to write for you!

Live Performances

If you're looking for unique artists to entertain your guests, SPECYAL T PRODUCTIONS is the right choice!

Artist Consultant

We work with various artists from established to indie with helping them put together and release albums, to facilitating their live shows and overall musical direction. Specyal T brings her many years of knowledge and expertise as well as audio and stage experience to elevate each artist to their fullest potential.